Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vocational IEP Goals, Non-contract goals for students with Autism

As many of you know there are different levels of Autism from high functioning to low functioning.  Now there are programs after high school for low functioning students that helps them work on job skills and continue their IEP's with vocational goals.  Now these goals are completely different from a math goal or English goal.  The most important objective in righting these goals is to involve the supervisor at the students work to be involved in these goals.  The main reason is because the manager has expectations for their worker.  An example of these goals would be to be able to clock in and out in 3 out of 4 scenarios on their own.  Most of these students have job coaches which will help them in the beginning, but there are simple goals and objectives in the beginning of the job for the student.  Just to provide one other example of an IEP goal would be to deposit their paycheck into their account without assistance in 3 out of 4 situations. 

Now if you have a high functioning student who might enter the work force right out of high school should make goals for themselves or with their parents that are not part of an IEP, but written very similar.  One goal could be:  On the employees quarterly evaluation the student will receive an 80% or above on all graded areas in their evaluation.  Now of course there could be objectives to be written below this, but this is just a basic idea.  Another example could be for the employee if they are looking a job to:  Successfully fill out 5 applications per week until a job is acquired.

Now these are just some simple examples, but if you would like to know more please ask.

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