Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What is scribing?

I am going to start a couple of blog entries about certain classroom accommodations, how they work, what different types there are and does your child need them?  Now I may use some words that are not politically correct, but I am just using simple terms.

  1. Full Scribe-  This is were the students cannot write at all.  These students may have a handicap or are mentally incapable of writing and listening to the teacher at the same time.  These students usually get teacher notes or have a one on one assistant.  These students will sometime record the lecture with a tape recorder to help them later when they read the student notes.
  2. Half Scribe-  This is when the students might have a fill in the blank notes, to help them start to take notes, but have to take very little on their own.  Now these students will of course receive teacher notes to compare what they have written down.
  3. Partial Scribe-  This is when the students are capable of writing, but they have a hard time reading what they wrote.  These students then of course receive a copy of the student notes.
  4. Scribe Pen- This is a writing device that records the teacher while the student is taking notes, so if they take slow notes they can go back to when they fell behind.
Let me know how helpful or what else you would like to know about.

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