Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I struggle with the weekly task of qualifying a student for ESY (Extended School Year) on a weekly basis.  Will ESY benefit the student or do they not require ESY?  Some cases personally I do not think ESY benefits the students at all.  It is usually twice a week and the students do not get much out of it.  I personally think that the students benefit more from summer school, because it reteaches the student some concepts they did not master during the school year.  Now I do have very low students who I recommend for ESY, but that is mainly because I do not think they will get the support at home and they did not fail a class therefore would not qualify for summer school.

Who else has experienced positives and negatives in regards to ESY?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Which child should be in the classroom and has more of a right to FAPE?

So, you have a student that has a Specific Learning Disability and a student that has turrettes, but also has a Emotional disability.  Both students are in the same classroom and needs to be in the class to receive instruction.  The student with turrettes blurts out a vocal phrase with some words that are distracting to the student with a Specific Learning Disability and distracts them from learning the material.  Now the student with turrettes if they leave the room misses the material as well.  So, if the student with turrettes has a right to an education in the classroom, but is distracting the student with a Specific Learning Disability, who should be in the classroom?