Friday, January 16, 2015

Special Olympics

Please help my school raise funds for Special Olympics!  Just donate $1 only will help so many!  If you cannot donate please share! Just copy and paste the link in your browser.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Helping Your Child Transition after the Holidays

First off happy holidays and I hope that you and your family had a safe and blessed holiday.  With school starting on Monday here are some helpful pointers to help your child with a learning disability transition back into school.  There are also some additional pointers to help in future holidays.

  1. Remind your child every couple of hours of what is going to happen tomorrow.  Tell them school is starting back up.  Ask them questions like; What do you have to do when you wake up?  What is your first class?  What bus do you ride home?  All of these will be reminders to students and will help them transition to the start of school.  One of the biggest issues with students with disabilities is their resistance to change, help make the change as easy as possible.
  2. Set a time in the day to review some of the skills the child was working on before school ended.  Many students forget simple steps in math or facts about history, that if they had practiced for an hour or so a day, the steps would still be there and they would remember the facts needed for school.  
  3. Remind the students of who their teachers are.
  4. Go through safety procedures encase of an emergency. 
  5. Have your child tell you the house phone number.
I hope these tips will help you.  As always leave a comment for a future post.

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