Wednesday, June 6, 2018


When looking at an IEP the transition plan should drive all other parts of the IEP when the students turns 14.  So, where does the plan start?

  1. Interview-  This should be where the students interests are discussed. What does the student like to do outside of school?  What are the students hobbies?  What kind of jobs has the student had in the past?  There are many other questions that are asked in the interview, but that is a start.
  2. Post Secondary Goals-  What skills do does the student need to work on in order to get a job?  Does the student have a drivers license?  Does the student know how to fill out an application?  Does the student know how to dress appropriately?
  3. Outside Agencies-  This is where DORS, DDA and BHA.  These are all the outside agencies and those that help the students outside of school.
Now this is just the basics of the IEP transition plan, but it is vital to know what goes into each one.  This section should be very detailed and organized.

As always send questions or topics you would like to read about. 

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