Sunday, March 4, 2018

Where to start with an IEP

Present Levels-  This is the most overlooked part of the IEP.  This part not only shows the students highlights, but also what they need to work on. 

Student Highlights- This should show how a student functions in a positive way in the classroom.  Do they come in prepared?  Are they happy when they enter a certain class?  There could be many things that are under this section.  This should be a very positive section of the IEP and should not be negative at all.

How the disability affects the student?-  This is the section that will hopefully be across all curriculum areas.  If it defers from class to class then there might be an issue and the parents or teachers should question it.  If it is the same across every class this will help the student achieve their goals faster.

Questions let me know?