Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can Autism be cured?

I do not think this will ever be possible.  Now can the Autism ticks and negative parts of Autism be condensed?  I think so, it is all about having the student that has Autism team, work together.  The team includes the student, parents, teachers and friends, all practicing the same principles to help students overcome what might be holding them back.  So, in a sense they can be cured and I bet you could get it to the point where a stranger will not ever know if a student has Autism.


  1. Hi Quinn,
    Great work you do by the way. This is an impressive blog.

    I had a tic(k) for 17-19 yrs and I took Prozac for three months then they disappeared. If I had not done that I wonder if they would still be with me. Now, I fidget it is subtle and so therefore pratically unoticeable.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to your notifications.

  2. Andrew thank you for the feedback. Please let me know if there are any future topics you would like me to write about.