Friday, May 17, 2013

1. Classroom management considerations, including possible modifications of classroom environment that would promote inclusion/ If you are a parent of a student with Autism ask the teachers why this isnt happening?

When dealing with inclusion in the classroom it is important to make sure the classroom fits the environment.  There is a totally different culture when there is a inclusion classroom and when there is no inclusion in the classroom.  It is important to have a well balanced and well maintained classroom so that students with and without disabilities are successful. 
            When the classroom teacher sets up the classroom for inclusion it is important to manage the classroom appropriately.  The teacher has to be able to get to students that have special needs quickly in case issues arrive.  It is important for these students to be in the first to second row and if the students is of larger size then the side aisle would benefit these students.  The easier the teacher has access to the students the better.  The teacher also needs to make sure that the classroom is set up with the least amount of distractions.  If the teacher has students that are easily distracted it is important to set up their room with bare minimum on the walls, this way the students are paying attention to the teacher and not the walls. 
            The teacher also has to have modifications that are available to them be available to the students.  If a student requires scribe hopefully the teacher has a printer to print out the notes for the student to follow along.  If the student requires a word processor the teacher should have a few laptops so that the student can be productive, but have their accommodations met at the same time.  The teachers also need to give the students preferential seating and putting the students in situations to succeed e.g. the teacher selecting the groups and the students not.
            Inclusion can be very successful and students with disabilities plus students without disabilities can excel in an inclusion classroom.  It is important though for the teacher to have proper management styles and have his or her classroom set up for all students to be successful.  The teachers also need to make sure that they have quick access to modifications and assistive technology.  If the teacher can use different tools in the classroom it will make for a successful classroom.  

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