Monday, June 3, 2013

Is there a thing such as to much improvement? appeal, parental rights.

I received recently a comment about how a parent is worried that their child might show to much improvement.  As a teacher and special educator I do not think that their is such a thing as to much improvement.  We are never going to create a perfect student no matter how much we improve.  The key is once they accomplished one academic goal, we then shift our focus to the other ones or we work on behavioral goals.  It is important to always to keep moving forward and if you are not getting the answers you want then appeal the IEP decision.

At every IEP meeting parents should receive a "Parental Rights Packet."  In this packet it goes over all of the rights you have as a parent and if you are not happy with the decisions that are made at the IEP meeting, then you have the right to appeal, just like you would at a courthouse trial, when a verdict is reached that you do not like.  It is important that every parent is educated on their rights and what they need to do if they feel their child is not getting the IEP they deserve.  

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  1. We are embarking on our first ARD/IEP meeting. Everyone reassures me I am fully prepared however feeling prepared and being prepared are two different things. I plan to come armed with all the info all his teachers, therapists etc have since the word go along with having these people with us to vouch for what he needs to do well.
    I just worry that while we have a official diagnosis and I know this means nothing when we show up since they do their own. His progress made in the last few months will say he isn't "disabled" enough for their program. This is our biggest fear at this point.

  2. Jamie,

    The school does have to do their own testing. Do not forget you always have the right to appeal. If you would like me to do a post on your questions please feel free to ask.