Thursday, June 27, 2013

What is the best accommodation

  1. Extended time
  2. Modified Assignments
  3. Scribe
  4. Reader

If you could leave feedback as to what accommodations you think is the best that would be fantastic.  Personally I think that modified assignments help the students the most because it eliminates some useless verb age in a test or a quiz.


  1. I would say extended time. It takes some children a little bit longer than others to process information. So having a little more time may allow them to be able to process the information better and be more confident that they know and understand the information so when a test or quiz does come they are not as stressed about what the answers are.

  2. It's an ironic question. There IS no "best" accommodation. What works for one kid might not work at all for another. The accommodation that's best would best fit the needs of the individual student...hence "individualized" education plan.

    maybe i misunderstand the question.