Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Having Anxiety ove the first day of school and how to handle it.

Whether your child is starting a new grade or going into middle or high school, some of these students/parents might have some serious anxiety over the start of school.  So, what can we do to relieve some of this anxiety?

  1. Visit the school in the summer.
  2. Walk the students schedule several times.
  3. Have a personal meeting with the teachers.
  4. Meet with the students case manager to go over the students triggers.
  5. Have the student check in at lunch to assure them they are okay.
  6. Communicate with the students case manager on the progress during the day.
  7. If the student is a very sensitive student meet with the principle so the student has a familiar face. 
The more familiar the student can be with their environment the better their first day will be.

As always let me know if you would like a topic to discuss????

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