Thursday, October 3, 2013

Does Common Core hurt Special Education students

Many Special Education students are black and white, especially those with Autism.  The students have been taught one way to do and been provided the steps to complete the task.  Now with Common Core it moves at a very fast pace and the curriculum does not always follow in order.  This confuses many of the Special Education students.  The curriculum is moving at such a fast pace if the students miss one day of school it is very difficult for them to get caught back up.

I was wondering what others though about Common Core, in regards to Special Education students?


  1. My son struggles with the Common Core curriculum as well. It is definitely not designed or implemented in a way to educate Special Education students and I've had talks with his teachers about this at length, but it seems there is nothing they can really do about it given the restrictions placed on the schools by the law mandates.


  2. That is the main problem, the Special Education students are being hurt by this.

  3. Unfortunately I can tell you it does not help any students special needs or otherwise unless they are of the high intelligence. I have a daughter currently undergoing Autism assessments as she is really struggling with current regime and fast paced learning. If schools where able to slow the process a little and had the ability to explain concepts better I think she would be really well instead failing even though trying her best. I am not looking forward to next when my Autistic son starts Prep. The law makers need to remember these are young people and it takes time to learn things instead of pushing them beyond belief no wonder kids end up hating school when they pushed so hard.