Friday, October 4, 2013

If you disagree with Common Core what is the answer?

I am talking specifically about Special Educational students and Common Core.  If students with disabilities are not benefiting from Common Core, what should we do?  How do we approach it?  Is there anything that can be done?

These are all interesting questions and I would love to hear feedback?

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  1. If a child has a physical condition that make inclusion of main stream sports difficult albeit impracticable for him to participate in, the school must adapt its Physical Education requirements/curriculum to suit the child. The child should not be marginalised or punished for being different, something that is not in their control to alter. Why is it that the school does not see it's responsibility to a child on the ASD spectrum to adapt the school curriculum to suit the child's learning difference. Common Core is fine for those that fit neatly into the mainstream bell curve but it is not a tool that lends itself to effective learning for kids on the ASD spectrum or other differences. What annoys me is that merit seems to be reserved for those mainstream children only who achieve at a high level, example, awards night at the end of each school year, honor badges, achievements certificates. We simple do not value and nurture difference at all. I believe, like Temple Grandin, that kids on the spectrum need to be in mainstream schooling BUT, with increasing numbers of children being dx'd with learning differences, the school could and should adapt the curriculum to be advantageous to difference while allowing integration into mainstream environment where it is necessary for them to learn (mimic) necessary social inter-actions. They could do this by engaging the parents of ASD kids, who are usually far more knowledgeable, out of need, to assist in ASD classrooms (saves cost). Bring onto an advisory board, local ASD adults to assist in adjusting the curriculum and environment to better suit ASD kids learning styles and, most important, educate mainstream kids to value ASD and difference. Do some classes for them on high profile Aspies for instance, peer acceptance works. I am Aspergers, two Aspie/ADHD kids. My dream would be to help see this happen.