Friday, March 22, 2013

Can those that have Autism lead a normal life?

Absolutely, now there are different severity of Autism, which I will address in a later post, but all of these students that have Autism have a special gift.  Many students with Autism have a special gift just like you and I that do not have Autism.  Some students can play a musical instrument very well, others can act and you would never know that student has Autism.  I have personally seen when a student that has Autism becomes very focused on something they are interested in, they lose the disability that holds them back in the classroom.  It is absolutely AMAZING.  To see these kids with Autism focus and out perform those without a disability just makes you smile.  The key is to find that one thing the student can excel at and try to make that a career for them.

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  1. And how does the autistic kid deal with executive dysfunction, or time orientated skills which he is unable to do? I agree that every autistic has something they are good at, and far exceeds a neuro-typical person's ability's in the same field, however there is more to living a "normal" life then being good at something. Their is cleaning your house, tieing your shoes, buying clothes, eating right, sleeping well, there are problems with co-workers, communication, "melt-downs" etc. most of the parents i've worked with, though love there child and are happy there child may like a subject, are worried about the day to day of a "normal" life. They look for solutions so there child may be able to tie his shoes and clean his house on his own. What solutions or advice would you give?