Friday, March 22, 2013

How to get a Student with Autism to tie their Shoes?

I had a someone one post the question how to get students to accomplish simple tasks such as tying their shoes or clean the house?  I know from the county that I work in if a student is severely Autistic and they lack the functions of a daily living, they go into a learning for life classroom.  In this classroom they learn life skills and how to be independent.  The students go to this class until they are 21 and while they learn life skills, they also learn how to make a grocery list or balance a check book.  The students are also required to be on some kind of work study while in the program.

Now the next question will be, what does the student do after they are 21?  There are many, many programs out there that help students all through their life with job skills training, such as the ARC of Frederick County,  in Maryland.  This is just one of many programs that can help students with daily living.

Some helpful hints to help a student with Autism learn a simple task.

  1. Use a bigger scale
    1. If a student is having trouble tying their shoes, use bigger shoe laces, and first help them tie shoes that are not on their feet, if you make it like a warmup, it will get their my going.
    2. Incorporate some reward system that makes them want to do chores.
      1. Let them rent a movie or cook their favorite meal if they sweep the floor.
    3. Students love lists, and specific details for example:
      1. Sweep the floor
        1. Go grab the broom from the garage, by the door.
        2. Next get the dust pan from the top of the fridge
        3. Sweep every corner of the kitchen and by the trash can
        4. sweep the dirt into the dust pan
        5. put the dirt from the dust pan into the garbage
        6. put the broom back and dust pan
This should eliminate stress from the student and is just one broad example

Let me know if you would like more?

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