Friday, May 24, 2013

Why isnt my Autism teenager just a normal teenager?

Yesterday I talked about Autism and relationships, today I would like to talk about how many parents come into my office because of a concern over one of their child's behaviors.  For example a parent will come in and say "John told me that he hated me last night and he just wanted to be left alone in his room."  This is obviously just one of many things that parents give me.  The very first thing I tell them is that "Every teenage goes through these fazes whether they have a disability or not."  It is very important for us as parents, teachers and friends to remember that while some teenagers have Autism they are still teenagers.  They will go through puberty, having a lot of friends, not having a lot of friends, loving their parents, hating their parents, dress like a skater one day, be a jock the next.  It is important not to overreact and to always sit back and think this child with Autism is still a child and they are learning their way through life.  Each life will have its ups and downs.  It is important we do not overreact and to talk to other people, because your child might be doing the same thing your neighbor is doing.

Be positive and always share what you are going through with others.

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