Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How do I help my child with Autism during the summer?

Some students with Autism have a great memory and can pick up in the fall were they left off in the spring.  Then there are students that need to continue to be educated in order to have a leg up.  Some options are the following:

  1. ESY (Extended School Year) it is like summer school, but it is for student that need that continued learning environment.
  2. General summer school, I personally have many students that attend sumer school just to get ahead in the next school year. 
  3. Parents need to know their childs IEP goals, so that the parents can work on them during the summer.
  4. Private tutor just a couple hours of the week to work on math and reading.
  5. Summer camp for your child who might be shy to work on their social skills.

Now these are just a few options, but it is something to help you get started.


  1. These are all grate ideas and i have used them all for my children and each child uses a different one that is right for them. And two of my kids can just enjoy summer and pick up where they left off. I like the ESY most.

  2. i appreciate you comments, let me know if you have a idea for a future topic?