Thursday, August 29, 2013

example of IEP goal

Goal:  Given graphic organizers and moderate support, student A will locate, retrieve, and use information from various sources to accomplish a purpose (persuade, inform, entertain, compare/contrast etc)(projects/BCR/ECR) in 4 of 5 situations with 75% achievement

Objective 1
student A will use a graphic organizer to plan the topic for each paragraph for a writing assignment.
Objective 2
student A will use appropriate note taking procedures, organizational strategies, and proper documentation of sources of information in his written work activities.
Objective 3
student A will use an organizer and the text to cite supporting details for each topic sentence. - synthesize information from two or more sources to fulfill a self-selected or given purpose.
Objective 4
student A will revisit a writing assignment to check for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and add details.

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